20 cu.m Helikite Balloon


  • Balloon Volume: 20 m3
  • Balloon Size:3.5mX3.5mX2.6m
  • Balloon Lift Weight: 8 kg plus
  • Balloon Material:  TPU + Parachute
  • Balloon Construction: Helikite
  • Balloon Suit: All weather

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Need Aerostat Ball?


Helikite aerostats are a patented combination of a helium balloon and kite. 

Helikite aerostats overcome the shortfalls of normal tethered balloons, UAV’s blimps and kites.

Unique design means that even small Helikites can fly to thousands of feet without the need for a ballonet or constant electrical power. Helikites mean that aerostats are no longer just fair-weather aircraft

Helikite Balloon


High winds that send other aerostats crashing to the ground, actually push Helikites higher into the sky.

Helikites are the world’s only successful kite-balloon hybrid aerostat. Helikites are very tough, surviving extreme weather in military trials that literally tore other aerostats to shreds