Helikite Balloon Export To German

11 cubic meter helikite balloon finished test and sold to german Balloon’s Volume: 11 cubic meterBalloon’s Color: WhiteBalloon’s lift weight: 2 kgs +Construction: Enforce to resist wind

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Helikites are undoubtedly by far the best tethered aircraft for weather monitoring and significantly contribute towards improving climate change modelling. Helikites can fly in very high winds that defeat other aerostats, high altitude balloons or kites. This means that scientists can guarantee they will get data at whenever they wish. Before Helikites existed, this sort of timeliness was impossible and so much data was not collected. Even the smallest of tethered balloon Helikites can fly thousands of feet high, far above the capabilities of other types of tethered airborne platform of similar size. This enables many areas of the sky that could not be reached before to be sensitively and persistently measured. Previously, getting to this part of the sky would require an expensive aircraft that would also heavily disturb the atmosphere thus making many measurements invalid. Small Helikites can be kept inflated in the back of a car and flown high into the sky within seconds. Bigger Helikites can be flown from the ground, trailers, pick-up trucks, boats and ships.


Military Communications

Present military radios are limited in bandwidth because they seldom have line of site over the horizon.  Lifting battlefield radios into the air enables direct full broadband communications between the commander thousands of miles away to every soldier, military vehicle or asset on the battlefield.  This can give streaming videos from gun sights helmet cameras and surveillance cameras.  It also provides full blue force tracking and human vital function data.  This then allows far better decision-making and command control of all forces. Thereby improving battlefield outcome

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